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Deep cleaning in Mallorca for a spotless home

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Deep cleaning service in Mallorca

We ensure an impeccable and efficient service.

We are here to offer you a one-stop solution for your deep cleaning needs in Mallorca. Our specialized deep cleaning service is designed to offer meticulous attention to every corner of your home or office, ensuring a clean, fresh and healthy environment at all times.

Deep cleaning is much more than a superficial cleaning. It’s about removing accumulated dirt and germs from hard-to-reach areas and those areas that are often overlooked in regular cleaning. With our expert equipment and high-quality cleaning products, we can treat even the toughest stains and dirt with efficiency and precision.

Our deep cleaning process includes the thorough cleaning of all surfaces, from ceilings to floors, walls, windows and furniture. We also handle the disinfection of high-touch areas, such as doorknobs, light switches and faucet handles, to ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your home for a special occasion, restore the lost luster of your office or simply maintain an exceptional standard of cleanliness in your home, we at Manila Limpiezas are here to help. Trust us to provide you with an unparalleled deep cleaning service in Mallorca that will leave your space spotless and ready to enjoy.

What does the deep cleaning service in Mallorca include?

Deep cleaning service covers a wide range of areas

  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms: Stain removal, disinfection of toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers, cleaning of tiles and mirrors.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of all floors: Removal of dust, dirt and debris from all floor surfaces.
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen and dining room: Cleaning of appliances, such as stove and microwave, cleaning of countertops, sinks and dining room tables.
  • Interior refrigerator and oven cleaning: Removal of residues, stains and odors from the interior of the refrigerator and oven.
  • Trash can cleaning and sanitizing: Interior and exterior trash can cleaning to remove odors and germs.
  • Dusting all surfaces: Dusting of all surfaces, including furniture, shelving and decorations.
  • Deep cleaning of bedrooms: Dusting, vacuuming of mattresses and cleaning of furniture.
  • Deep cleaning of living room: Dusting, vacuuming of sofas and cleaning of furniture.
  • Air freshening and air purification: Use of air fresheners and air purifiers to improve indoor air quality and leave a fresh and pleasant aroma.
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What additional cleaning services do we provide?

Get a deep cleaning in Mallorca with our service

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